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Accounting and Reimbursement Policies

Below is a list of important university policies and forms that you may need in order to be reimbursed for travel or a purchase, hire a student worker, or transfer money into your research account (for example).  If you have any questions or cannot find the form or policy you need, please contact your department administrator or assistant dean for administration/budget.

Policy on Reimbursements

Policy Highlights:
  • Expense reports must be submitted within 45 days of the expenditures or within 45 days of the last date of travel. Any reimbursements submitted after the 45 day period must include a justification for the late date and, if approved, will be considered taxable payroll.
  • ALL equipment purchases (laptop, computer, iPad, cell phone, etc.) must be through Tulane using a departmental purchasing card ("p-card") or with a purchase requisition in SciQuest.  You will NOT be reimbursed for these types of purchases when you use personal funds.  Tulane has tax-exempt status and purchasing agreements where we receive substantial educational discounts.
  • Original receipts are ALWAYS required, even when using a Tulane Travel & Entertainment card ("T&E" card or sometimes called "corporate card").  For meals, you must present an ITEMIZED receipt.  A credit card slip by itself is not sufficient.
  • Personal alcohol consumption is NOT reimbursable.  Alcohol is only reimbursable for documented business purposes in which a business guest is present AND when it is approved IN ADVANCE by your dean.
  • Mini-bar and in-room movies are personal expenditures and will NOT be reimbursed.
  • First class airfare is NOT reimbursable.  Tulane will pay for a coach-class ticket. 

Note--your individual school may have additional policies on reimbursement.  Please consult with your dean's office.

Concur Access Form

Concur is the reimbursement method for all Tulane employees. You may access Concur through the Gibson portal.  For assistance with Concur, click here for the Concur Training Manuals.

Electronic Transfer System (ITs)

  • Departmental Correction - Use for all other business purposes not required by the Interdepartmental Order form or the Transfer of Funds form
  • Interdepartmental Order - Use for university service department transactions only (88XX/89XX nat accts only)
  • Transfer of Funds - Use for only two business purposes: 1) budgeted transfers, or 2) to transfer money to cover a deficit (92XX nat accts only)

Other Important Forms

Missing Receipt Affidavit
Timeliness of Submission Expense Exception Form

To hire a student worker, click here for forms and procedures.

Please notify your department administrator or assistant dean for administration/budget if you are planning to hire a student.  It is ESSENTIAL that if you have a student worker expecting payment for their work (as opposed to receiving a grade or credit), you MUST put them on Student Payroll through HR at the very beginning of their employment.