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Carol Lavin Bernick Faculty Grants

In February 2016, the Carol Lavin Bernick Family Foundation, whose generous support of Tulane University built the iconic and award-winning Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life, pledged $5 million to support Tulane’s faculty.

The gift provides $1 million annually over five years for department and faculty needs in research, recruitment, development, continuing education and student engagement with grants to individual full-time faculty members up to $15,000 per year.

Faculty members can apply for any of the following grants: 360 Degree Courses, Course/Teaching Grants, Interdisciplinary Faculty Workgroups, Research Bridge Grants, Research Conference Travel, Research Support, and Other.

Applications for the 2017-2018 academic year were due March 10, 2017 and awardees were notified starting April 24, 2017.  160 applications were received, totaling approximately $1.5 million.  120 grants were awarded, totaling $994,487.  The majority of the awards were from the category of Research Support.

Applications will be available under Criteria and Instructions starting February 4. Applications must be received by Monday, February 18 to be considered. 


Criteria and Instructions


Summary of Awards


Academic Year Total Applications
Total Dollars
Total Grants
Total Dollars
(Round 1)
202 $2,258,159 91 $685,858
(Round 2)
94 $1,099,367 34 $272,700
2017-2018 160 $1,587,852 120 $977,869
2018-2019 166 $1,874,813 119 $994,487
Total 622 $6,820,191 364 $2,930,914


Carol Lavin Bernick Faculty Grant Awardees

2016-2017 Carol Lavin Bernick Faculty Grant Awardees
2017-2018 Carol Lavin Bernick Faculty Grant Awardees
2018-2019 Carol Lavin Bernick Faculty Grant Awardees

Carol Lavin Bernick (Photo by Jessica Bachmann)


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